bitmap helloIt seems like yesterday when I set up shop in London’s East end amidst the run down warehouses and empty office spaces,  but here i am still knocking it out twenty five years in ! I still feel the true 90’s graphic design story in the UK has still yet to be told. As one of the designers of the ‘Sampling generation’  at the start of the 90’s a new aesthetic and a new way of thinking was emerging and I’m very proud to  have been a part of that, its my mission now to get that story across.

The practice of graphic design is never an easy one, it can be the most rewarding of jobs and the most frustrating at the same time, but I do feel incredibly lucky that i’ve managed to work with some great people and I like to think I’ve pushed some boundaries in terms of what graphic design is. During the two decades I’ve been in business I’ve seen a lot change, and in some ways the digital revolution has been a godsend and in other ways the death of graphic design as we knew it.

Although I have fully adopted the digital domain and was one of the first graphic designers in the country to embrace the new macs – I like to get my hands dirty. From simple hand drawn typefaces to cutting out stencils or lino cutting I’ve always been a firm believer in the crafted look. That’s what you get here at Swifty Grafix ! You wont find me grabbing vector files off the internet and pretty much most of the time I’ll create my fonts from scratch. I will generally put in that little extra effort were some don’t!

I have to do everything myself, I don’t farm out any aspect of my work and I do pretty much everything even the silk screen printing here in house. My opinion is that to have control of every aspect of your output you have to have control of every process. Heres to the next twenty five years and beyond !


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